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Modern Stylings

Paige and Stacy of Hamilton Stern Construction share their suggestions for a modern industrial look for bathrooms and kitchens. Bathrooms get the metal and subway treatment, revealing ways to substitute different colors to compliment each other. Counter tops, cabinets, and even light fixtures are discussed for kitchens to give a remodeled room the dressings necessary to accentuate the modern look.

Paige Leackfeldt is the Director of the Design Department at Hamilton Stern Construction. She leads the comany on all projects that have a need for design services. Excelling at finding better use of space used by her clients, she then instructs clients with customized color, finish, and material pallets based individual taste and preference.

Proficient at CAD, Paige inputs the desired values from the construction site to create 2D and 3D environments to show potential looks and feel of a room.

Stacey Veolette Waxtan is a New Yorker who designs timeless, classic spaces that reflect the character of the client.